Current Thoughts // Wednesday

Today I’m not feeling very well but thought I’d put up a quick post sharing some of my favourite quotes of the moment. These are all from pinterest – I seem to have an obsession with pinning quotes and pick-me-ups! I hope the following quotes give you a couple of things to think about. Sorry about the short post – there’s a longer one coming on Friday! ebb73e1b776e4627ce44549aa9d53719 4933de6cac34bea3e90ed00beda49b29 d6e7a1eda99c09c4b2cb2c6107ac649e 64fda89106e7e6494b3a61dae34795ef 9d099028313adb4ecddd847e444fec92 6f2f4b8e34ae8c1fe181e60126d30066 46351b569eb633e9ab30164306432215

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