October Reads

WE’VE REACHED MY FAVOURITE MONTH! October has always been (and will always be) my favourite month – and not only because it’s my brithday month! Away from the hecticness of summer and still before the busy-ness of Christmas I feel like it’s always full with fun things to do and a week of it is a holiday too, so naturally I’d love it.

Anyhow, today’s post is about my October reading list. I find it really hard to simply read for enjoyment what with homework and wider-reading for English Literature. I thought I’d challenge myself to read 5 books this October – books I’ll be reading for myself!

octoberreads 1. Seeing as I’ll be turning 18 in a few weeks I thought I’d get the low-down on ‘how to be a woman’ from Caitlin Moran. Haha. I’ve heard lots of great things about this book and find Caitlin Moran incredibly funny and interesting so I’m sure I’ll love it.octoberreads2 2. This is a funny one considering a lot of people I know have already read this for GCSE English Literature. I never actually read it, studying To Kill a Mockingbird instead. It’s a classic and I feel like I should have read this, so here goes. octoberreads3 3. I’m sure this was in my summer reading list but I still haven’t read it (oops). I was kindly given this book for Christmas but somehow I’ve not got round to reading it. I know it’s supposed to be a good’un but it’s always been pushed back by other books for school. I’m making a commitment this month that I’ll definitely be reading this!octoberreads4 4. My mum has always tried to push me into reading this book, according to her it’s amazing. It’s supposed to be a sad one -which I’m not sure I’m ready for!- and it’s really not that long, so there’s no excuse not to have read it!octoberreads5 5. Lastly is this book by Meera Syal. I don’t know much about this book at all. Again it’s been sitting on my ‘to read’ shelf for quite a long time after a recommendation from my mum. There’s also an Anita & Me theatre production which my mum has suggested to go to so I thought I’d quickly read this beforehand.


So those are the books I’ll attempt to read in October (not even including the wider-reading I need to be doing for A levels!). I’ll keep you updated about how I do, in the meantime why not suggest your favourite books in the comments?

Jodie xo

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