Today is one of my closest friend’s 18th birthdays and it would have felt so wrong to be blogging about anything else, so here’s a quick post all about her. Unfortunately this post is minus any embarrassing photos because, y’know, I didn’t feel that mean.

IMG_20150919_143612 I met Renaé 6 years ago now, in Year 7 of secondary school. We’ve stayed by each others sides since day dot (even when she went off to Jamaica for a lifetime in the Christmas term of Year 7 and I didn’t know when she was coming back…yes, I haven’t forgiven you!). Along with Amara, we’ve literally been the three musketeers since year 7 and when I look back at the last 6/7 years practically every amazing memory I have has involved these two.IMG_20150918_210001I think I really learnt the value of our friendship this year when we all parted ways to go to sixth form. It was obvious we was going to remain friends but you never really know how things will play out. Finding time to see each other through clashing schedules and exam stress is always hard but when you randomly call each other to scream with anger, bask in happiness or simply just chat then I think that’s when you know your friendship is fab.
IMG_20150806_212434I can’t quite get my head round the fact that all my friends are growing up and turning 18 (I guess me included). I’ve finally reached the point when I don’t want any of us to grow up! It’s so weird this whole growing up malarky…
IMG_20150403_191718Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Happy 18th birthday Renaé. I’m so glad to have you by my side.

Jodie xo

~This is quite a personal post, most of you probably don’t know Renaé but I guess, if you’re reading this, just make sure you value your own friendships – they’re so important. Make sure the people that make your life awesome know how great they are, always.~

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