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As you’ll all probably know, I’m no make-up expert… in fact I’d hardly call myself a ‘fanatic’ even. While I get through day-to-day wearing little to no make-up, I do love trying out the odd product (and if you’ve seen my decluttering posts then you’ll know I have a fair few products!). I picked up the Maybelline Colour tattoos a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share my opinion.
maybellinecolourtattoosNow, these have been out for quite some time – they’re not new by any means! I’ve heard practically every beauty blogger and vlogger rave about these (especially in the shade ‘on and on bronze’). I finally picked up a couple when they were discounted in superdrug and bagged myself ‘on and on bronze’ (the copper shade) and ‘metallic pomegranate’ (the purpley-red shade).
maybellinecolourtattoos2These cream shadows create the perfect simple eye look. They’re extremely easy to use – I apply onto my eyelids with my finger and then blend out slightly. The colour is bold and pigmented with and without a primer underneath and can easily be used as either a day or night time look. Here I’ve used ‘metallic pomegranate’ over the lid then used ‘faint’ and ‘crave’ (a dark brown and a black eyeshadow) from the Naked Basics palette in the crease and corner of my eye.IMG_9571I would seriously reccomend these to any eyeshadow novice who feels they might not be able to master the trickier looks involved with a full palette. It’s also perfect for any on-the-go girls as it literally takes seconds to create a great night out look. The gel-creams are pretty affordable at £4.99 each (and if you’re lucky you’ll catch them on sale).

In terms of lasting power I can’t really comment as I never wear make-up for an extended period of time anyways. I do, however, believe they would last the day (and possibly even take you straight through to the night) as I’ve never had any creasing with them and have wore them for 5/6 hours just fine.

Let me know any other colours from the collection that I should pick up!

Jodie xo

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