Decluttering // nail polish

It’s that time of the week again where I declutter my beauty products. If you’ve missed the other two, check them out here and here. So we’ve moved onto nail polishes, of which I only wish I had more! Nevertheless I thought it was time to say goodbye to some old and worn out products…clearingoutnailpolish2clearingoutnailpolishGenerally the nail polishes I got rid of were either from magazines or were very very old! There’s definitely a couple more which I should of got rid of – some of them I probably haven’t worn in the last 2 years- but seeing as I have the space for them, I thought I’d keep ’em a tad longer…y’know, just in case.
clearingoutnails3 So here’s my current collection after the declutter! There’s still lots of gaps in my nail polish collection so if anybody has a good topcoat nail polish reccomendation I’d be all ears!clearingoutnails4

There’s a couple more decluttering posts to go then hopefully I’ll feel much clearer (and they’ll be more space for new products!). I hope you’re enjoying these.

Jodie xo

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