Decluttering // eyeshadow + random bits

Here’s another post in the ‘decluttering’ series as I attempt to slim down my messy make-up/skincare collection. If you haven’t seen the first one you can check it out here. This week’s is a particularly messy one as I delve into my ‘bits and bobs’ box which hasn’t been touched in quite a while!clearingouteyes1 Starting off with eyeshadow. It’s ironic how much eyeshadow I have yet I’ve only ever worn eyeshadow out the house on maybe 3 occasions… Here’s the brightly coloured, glittery palettes which I’m keeping. Although I rarely wear them I’m keeping them for a while longer (maybe I’ll suddenly be into green eyeshadow…..).clearingouteyes2 Here’s the ones I’m chucking away. These are definitely 8-10 years old. They were some of my first make-up bits, most of which my aunty got for me to mess around with when I was younger. I think they’ve well and truly seen their day.clearingouteyes3 I think this is my favourite section I’ve sorted through so far – it brought back so many memories! The rejected items are all old shimmer lotions and powders. They are crazy metallic and shimmery…and out of date. clearingouteyes4So apparently this draw was also hiding a ton of disgusting, cheap make-up appliances (again from the days of getting ‘make-up kits’ for christmas when I was younger). Needless to say they’ve all seen better days and have been demoted to the bin.
clearingouteyes5The random draw only gets more random with some foundation, concealer and a brown eyeliner. They’re all fairly recent purchases and I like them enough to keep them! I’ll definitely use them more now I can see them.
clearingouteyes7And the last rejects are these random bunch of items. We’ve got a glittery pink eyeliner from a magazine, a tester of some hair serum (which was actually pretty good), a beaten up eyeliner and a powder set.


This decluttering session has gone even better than last weeks, it turns out I had a lot of old stuff…clearingouteyes6Follow my blog to keep up to date with posts (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). They’ll be another decluttering post next week…

Jodie xo

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