Bye Summer…

Ahhhh it’s the night before another year of A levels begins so I thought I’d reminisce on how summer 2015 has been.

It’s been a weird summer full of chunks of really busy periods (holidays, swimming course, seeing friends) and then entirely empty periods of ‘sorting’ and ‘organising’. Either way I’ve had a pretty good time just relaxing and chilling!

IMG_20150803_042329My favourite part of summer has to be my holiday away with family as it was so beautiful and there was gorgeous weather. I’ve also seriously enjoyed catching up with old faces and seeing people who I haven’t seen in a reaaaally long time. That’s always good.
IMG_20150803_042238Despite the end of summer I can only look forward to bigger and better things to come. From seeing my closest friends turn 18 (and turning 18 myself…eew!) to university applications (dkspqltfehbfjo?!) and y’know just general life. I’m glad I’ve had my rest and relaxation now because I have to put my head down this year and keep up a good work ethic.

I hope you’ve all had a great summer too!

Until next year, summer, see ya.

Jodie xo

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