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I’m a hoarder. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I collect ‘irrelevant’ things, I’d just say I hold onto things a little too long. I decided I’d have a clear out of make-up and skin care bits after struggling to find the things I want when I’m blurry eyed in the morning! This is going to be a mini series in which I’ll post one a week. Obviously, I chose to start off with lip products…

I’d say my lip product collection is decent (and by no means excessive although my parents would beg to differ). There’s some products I don’t use, some which are old and some which I don’t like so I thought I’d finally get rid of them!clearingout12Starting off with lip balms. Here’s the ones which I could find, although I can think of at least 3 which are hidden in various jumper pockets. I chose to say goodbye to my Nivea Soft Moisturiser (why was it even in there?!) because I refilled it with a cheaper moisturiser and there’s little use to it anyway.

Next up was lip glosses – a pretty random one considering I never really wear them. However, I’ve been given quite a few of them as presents over the years so chose not to chuck those ones out. I did finally say goodbye to these ‘colour institute’ lip glosses which –I kid you not– I’ve had since I was like 9. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’ve used them since then, I just never really wanted to get rid of them (see what I mean about holding onto things too long?).clearingout2 More lip glosses, this time in longer tubes. I actually really like the ones which I’ve kept and tend to use these more regularly than tube lip gloss. Again, I ditched an old ‘Natural Collection’ lipgloss (which I would go and repurchase) and a mini lip gloss from a magazine.clearingout3

I only have 4 lip liners and even then I don’t tend to use them that much. I do, however, like all the ones I own, all of which were purchased this year, so there’s no way I was going to get rid of any!clearingout4

There’s not much to say here as I didn’t get rid of anything either! These are all fairly new purchases (and by new I mean within the last year or so) and some of them were presents so I couldn’t see myself getting rid of any. They’ve all deserved their place.
clearingout5And lastly we’ve come to lipsticks. I’m pretty impressed with how slim my lipstick collection is (that’s from restraining myself from even looking in the make-up section when I go into Boots). Nonetheless I got rid of 4 lipsticks, 2 of which I technically stole from my mum ageeeees ago and then 2 which are embarrassingly old.clearing out6I’m happy with my clearing out so far. I didn’t get rid of loads because I do still enjoy having a little bit of choice when it comes to lip products, but the ones I did chuck out were long overdue! I think the next decluttering post will be my eyeshadow/a bit of everything draw, so look forward to that next. In the meantime I’m going shopping to restock on lip products…I mean…..of course not…

Jodie xo

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