Apparently there’s this thing called ‘exercise’

Who knew there was this thing called exercise? 

Okay, okay. We all knew, but that doesn’t mean we always listen to what we know. I’ve always been an active person, 12 year old Jodie was constantly playing sport- swimming for a team, playing on the school netball team and even running a few cross country races. However, as I’ve got older the active side is easy to neglect. I use the usual excuse- ‘there’s no time’. 

I recently recieved a mental kick up the bum though when I heard the statistic thats recently been in the news – type 2 diabetes has risen by 60% in the last 10 years*. THAT’S CRAZY. And lets be honest, I totally don’t think I’m ‘at risk’ as such as I eat fairly well and do exercise (albeit occasionally). However it did make me think, why am I not taking more care with my own body? I’ll happily eat whatever I want then do nothing in return, choosing to live off the fairly decent metabolism rate my youth has blessed me with.

But I seriously thought I should make more careful decisions – really think about what I’m fuelling my body with. I guess another motivation was that I turn 18 in a couple of months and I suddenly had the realisation that this is my body for life. Not in a good or bad way, just as a fact. If you was told you’d have to keep the same car your whole life then you’d probably take extra care in it too. I guess sometimes we value monetary things over our own worth.

IMG_9230_FotorSo in a bid to feel fitter, be healthier and feel better I’m trying to make some small changes. Drinking water is the noticeable change at the moment – I certainly didn’t do it enough and never really ‘kept track’ of it, but I’m currently ensuring a  daily 2 litres of water. The benefits of water are unreal and lets face it, most of us just brush past it (I know I did).

The obvious change here is also exercise. I feel like this post may come across like I’m making a big change in my life… I’m not, I’m just upping the pace slightly. So I’ve got back into blogilates (I’ve done her videos for years, on and off) and am trying to do at least 30 minutes of her fitness videos followed by 30 minutes of yoga (Yoga with Adriene is good). I feel like this should be the minimum, if I stick to doing this 4/5 times a week I’d be happy. But, as I said, alot of the things in my life are active so I do still go longboarding with my dad or fit in the occasional swim with my mum. Finding a balance and doing things you love is the main point (that’s why I don’t run much – I hate it!).

Lastly is the obvious one of food – you eat crap, you’ll feel like crap. For me, I’m just being mindful of snacks – do I really need a bag of crisps?. Switching out certain foods as well helps and turning to low GI foods instead of quick release energy is also a good call. But again, for me these changes are for me to feel better and healthier – I’m not trying to lose weight or diet… in fact, I’m having a takeaway tonight haha. It’s just all about balance and changing things when you feel you could be doing better.

I hope this somewhat ramble of a post makes sense. If you feel like changing something go do it! That’s what I’m doing.

Jodie xo

* This statistic (based on the UK) was in the news a week ago, I hope I’ve got it right. I’m also no nutritionalist so would be interested to know any different opinions on anything above that I’ve said!

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