Invest in Yourself

Recently I spent a hell of a lot of money on my level 2 swimming teaching qualification (thanks to the lovely people at my swimming club who also spent a hell of a lot of money for me too…). Qualifying yourself is generally pretty expensive and it’s definitely not something I love spending my money on. Seeing this sum of money leave my bank account at the start of summer was a bit saddening but, as you can tell, this post is all about investing in yourself.

IMG_9235_FotorI’d say I’m quite good at long term saving and thinking towards the future. I think it’s seriously important to do that – to allow yourself to spend chunks of money on something which will benefit you. Qualify yourself, sign up for a course that interests you, learn something. You’ll soon find that the reward of qualifying yourself far outweighs the initial expense.
Personally I consider certain ages ‘transition’ periods. Especially at my age (17) I feel this is one of the best moments in life to invest in yourself as much as possible. I have loads of time (although I sometimes beg to differ) and plenty of drive (well, mostly…). However, there’s also never a better time than now so whether you feel like you’re in a so called ‘transition period’ or have always put off doing something which will better you – why wait?
Although I’ve talked about investing in yourself in terms of qualifications and spending money on these types of things which will have a positive effect in the future, you can also invest in yourself in smaller ways. Reading a book, taking a bath or painting your nails are all easy, simple ways to invest in yourself.

Give yourself time and attention.

Jodie xo

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