Get Your Own Goals (a post inspired by Nicole Eddy)

It’s always reassuring to hear another person speak against the crowd about something you’ve secretly been questioning anyway. When I read Nicole Eddy’s post titled ‘Get your own goals’ I actually sighed with relief. Thank goodness someone said it. I encourage you to go and read her blog post before finishing off my one.

The phrase ‘goals’ has seriously invaded the internet. ‘Relationship goals’, ‘body goals’, ‘hair goals’, ‘holiday goals’. Need I go on? It’s got to the extent that every instagram post is bombarded with these types of comments with -often teenage girls- referring to these seemingly idyllic images in this way.

Let’s be real here, appreciation of others is amazing, people uplifting others with these compliments about their lives, their body, their make-up. The problem is a photo on instagram, a video on Youtube, a screenshot posted on twitter – this isn’t a full representation of peoples lives.
IMG_20150807_130523It constantly feels like everyone’s too engrossed in each others lives, seeing the flaws in their own lives whilst the perfection in anothers. We make goals to achieve what someone else already has and then constantly falter because attempting to replicate a quality of another person is pretty hard.

Social media is the catalyst for this, creating perfect snapshots of other peoples lives. The successes of other peoples lives are constantly shoved in our faces and sometimes – especially if you’re not in a good place yourself- it can leave you yearning for what they have, what they do, what they wear. Even worse, it’s at times when you’re most happy, loving life and still feel this need of comparison, setting yourself ‘goals’ and not actually noticing what you’re already accomplishing.

I see ‘goals’ comments everywhere. Suddenly real people have turned into aims and objectives. Why focus on replicating something good? How do you even know if a #relationshipgoal is actually a good relationship?

Goals shouldn’t be dictated by the perfect images put on the internet by family, friends, celebrities. Goals are important. What are yours?

Jodie xo

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