I think it’s fair to say comparison is something we all deal with. Whether we’re comparing our clothes, grades or even how we feel, at some point in our lives we’ve all been there.

I guess I don’t have the ‘conventional’ teenage girl comparison issues (at least deemed ‘conventional’ by the media…that’s a whole other thing). I don’t tend to compare my body, worry about why so and so is a size x and I’m not. I hand on heart have no interest in following ‘inspirational’ instagram accounts which re-churn pictures of slim girls. Skinny girls. Big butts. Big boobs. Tiny waists. Long hair. Perfect winged liner…(the list goes on). I rarely, if ever, compare physical attributes… I just -personally- don’t see the point.

However, my comparison kryptonite is success. Not neccessarily measured success… in fact more or less the opposite. With social media it’s so easy to see the lives of your peers who are successful. The lives of other 16/17/18 year olds who are doing amazingly well. People doing the things you one day hope to do. I’m not talking Kylie Jenner or Jaden Smith…because, meeeeh. I’m talking people who are doing creative, interesting stuff, who have built themselves up and have creative control over the things they do… and get paid for it. I love comparison though, and sometimes it’s needed as a big motivator – you see people doing what you want to be doing and think ‘I need to get my act together’. However, in this day and age where we can so easily see into one anothers lives, it can also be damaging to so closely scrutinise your own and compare with anothers. Sometimes it’s best just to do you.

Jodie xo


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