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A few weeks back I headed to the lido with Georgia, my friend from sixth form and also a fellow youtuber. I took a few photos which I knew would come in handy in a blog post…and here is the said post! As well as sharing a few of my favourite photos I thought I’d dip into what I take to the beach/pool. Before we begin, I should probably mention this is going to be an honest post. I like swimming and if there’s water, you can bet I’m there. So lets forget about the face powder and mascara, the hair products and the jewellry… that’s just not me. I take the bare essentials and know that I’ll come out looking dishevelled – but who cares? I’d have had a great time.



IMG_20150725_190626So my beach essentials have to start with a cover-up, honestly the saviour for protecting skin against the sun. I find especially when you’re on the beach for a while, it’s best to stick on a floaty garment to prevent sun damage.

Also, along the same lines is sun cream. I’m always so surprised with how many people don’t use sun protector, even when the effects of the sun can be so harmful. Despite using sun cream, I’m no angel with applying it and often find I’m caught out after being in the sea.

A good ol’ moisturiser is obviously a must have – especially after being in the sea as the salt really dries out your skin.

And lastly is some entertainment. Generally I can sit lounging on the beach doing absolutely nothing, but a magazine or good book always helps the matter out. And, of course having a blog and a youtube channel means I’m constantly carrying around a camera (although I’d definitely reccomend doing it anyways as you catch a lot of spontaneous moments!).

Jodie xo

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