A little break | France

Last week I went on my family holiday to Ile de Ré, a little island on the South west coast of France. Every year we take a break somewhere – whether that be in the UK or abroad- to go camping.IMG_20150805_120757

While little Jodie used to love camping with all her might (seriously, camping is the best experience for kids), it’s certain to say I have a love/hate relationship with it now. While I am always glad to be going home to my creature comforts -an actual bed? bare feet to the bathroom? Hell yes – there’s still a little magical getaway feel deep within me which means I always enjoy the experience. IMG_20150805_120726

The biggest difference with my holiday compared to my everyday life is social media. Holidays are the one time I turn my phone off for a week (A WHOLE WEEK), stop scrolling through instagram and relentlessly watching youtube videos. Clearly camping is an inconvenience when it comes to Wifi, charging electrical devices, etc, so whilst there are obviously solutions, we tend to go back to basics anyways. IMG_20150803_171443

Surprisingly, I’m never left missing the internet or pondering on what others are doing. It’s seriously the only week of the whole year which I’m not online at all. I guess, in a way, I still maintain an online presence to a certain extent – scheduling blog posts which are still shared onto my social platforms – but I’m not counting that, after all, it’s done by a computer!

Going offline for a bit, being removed from your phone, laptop, etc, not only refreshes your mind but just gives you a break. I’d definitely reccomend anyone who doesn’t do so already, to just stop for a while, turn off your devices and do something. I mean, it could be for a morning, a day or a week, but removing yourself from the social media trap seems like something which could do us all a bit of good… even if we do come straight back online afterwards. haha.



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