The Lip Product Edit |updated

Last year I did a post about the lip products I had been loving and what I was taking on holiday (check it out here). Having a look back, I thought I’d update it to my current favourites and ones I took on holiday this year. I’ve minimised my selection to six products for a seven day stay which I think is pretty acceptable.


In terms of the bare essentials, I obviously threw in a lip balm, this time the Carmex one which hasn’t left my pocket since I bought it. I’m addicted to the menthol tingle it gives!

Next up is a lip gloss from Maybelline. It has a sheer colour and works well alone or on top of another product. I rarely wear it so I guess this is the ‘just in case’ product. (Just in case what? I don’t even know).

Before things turn slightly more interesting, the last basic product is the Soap & Glory cheekmate. This doubles up as a liquid blusher/cheek stain so I thought it ought to come along for the ride.

Onto some proper colour. I obviously had to take my Barry M matte me up lip crayon in ‘3’ as this is the product I’ve been gravitating to for the last few weeks (boring, I know!). It’s the perfect nude-ish colour for my skin tone and I just really like it.

It wouldn’t be one of my lip product posts without a couple of bright colours. Seeing as it’s summer and I’m taking these products on holiday, I of course had to have a red lippy in there. As I’m going camping I certainly wasn’t going to take my favourite lipstick so opted instead for the Barry M Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘hot pepper’. That way I don’t have to worry about it melting!

And the last product is this lip crayon from Lumene. I guess you could pretty much take any pink lip product. I like to know I have all bases covered with this editional bold shade.

So that’s what I’m taking on holiday this year, lip product-wise at least. I’d be interested to know what lip products you couldn’t live without in the comments!

Jodie xo

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