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Breakfast used to be the meal of the day that I hated, reluctantly wolfing down a bowl of coco pops at 6.30am in the morning…not pleasant. But as I’ve got older (and can now wake up later) I’ve been enjoying making and eating breakfast. I thought I’d share 3 different breakfast ideas that I’ve been eating over the last couple of months…

1. Homemade granola

This is definitely my most regular breakfast choice. I make the granola before hand (oats with a little bit of honey and cinnamon then toasted in the oven until golden) and then sprinkle the granola on greek yogurt and top with a sliced nectarine (which are amaaaazing). I also made this with an iced latte which was actually really good. It was simple to make, making half a cup of normal coffee and pouring it over a glass of milk with ice cubes.
IMG_20150715_115745 2. Ham and Cheese Toasties

This sounds like a lunch meal but I’ve been eating toasties on the weekend for brunch. They’re simple, quick and filling. There’s something about them which make them loveable – how could you not like a toastie?IMG_20150718_1026573. Bacon and syrup pancakes

I feel like this is more weird than I think. I was talking to someone and they were pretty freaked out that I would have pancakes with bacon… I thought it was normal and American. Anyways if you haven’t tried this before then you should! It really is great. This is the perfect breakfast treat, and I actually use an egg-free pancake recipe (as I’m allergic to eggs) and it works just fine.
IMG_20150718_102851I hope this post was somewhat interesting…I think it may be my first food post… I’m not sure. Whilst I’m writing this I remembered so many different breakfasts’ that I love and forgot to mention! Avocado on toast is my faaaaave. I also love a good smoothie. I’d love to here your favourite breakfast meal – inspire me!

Jodie xo

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