The Clothing Dilemma | 49 outfits

Yesterday I uploaded a new YT video (yes, can you believe it, 2 in one week…) and I thought I’d just explain it and include some stills from the video here. The idea for the video came from starting my summer holidays and wanting to buy more clothes for that so called ‘summer wardrobe’. While I do have clothes in my wardrobe I’m constantly left in a rut about what to wear which leaves me heading to the shops with the self-diagnosed conclusion that ‘I need more clothes’.

I challenged myself to create 49 different outfits which would take me all the way to the end of the holidays.


I split up the outfits into 23 casual, 10 evening, 6 rainy day, 6 beach and 4 special occasion looks. I think this just goes to show you don’t need loaaaads of pieces to make your outfits different; having a wardrobe filled with versatile garments then sprinkled with interesting pieces is extremely effective, especially when on a budget.


I interchanged shoes between the outfits as well which further proves ‘sensible Jodie’s’ point that all those shoes waiting in the Office online shopping basket are really not necessary (‘non sensible Jodie’ would now like me to point out that they really are..). I began filming this video at 7am in the hopes that I wouldn’t get as many weird stares as neighbours walked past (I did anyway), and ended up finishing filming at 11. Turns out changing 49 times is harder than expected!IMG_20150718_193306If you’re intrigued to see what the other 46 garments were then check out the video on my Youtube channel which is linked below! Any feedback would be amazing.

Jodie xo


  1. Sam 20th July 2015 / 6:15 pm

    Great looks!

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