Materialism & Wanting Everything

materialism2Blogging and vlogging is a funny thing, filled with hauls, favourites and generally just products. Regularly watching youtube videos – especially some of the bigger vloggers who are undoubtedly the worst culprits- often leaves me yearning for things which I’ve simply seen other people have/use/enjoy. It can be quite a viscious cycle, even more so when you’re wanting the latest things in a Zoella haul, putting high-end skincare on your ‘want list’ when in reality the only thing in the teenager price bracket is the Simple range on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

It’s easy to get wrapped up -and sometimes even fixated- on wanting something or other. The ‘hauling’ culture amplifies this even more. I mean the amount of times this week I’ve just ‘wanted’ to go shopping for shopping’s sake.

Generally I’m pretty good with my money, always spending it (*sighs*) but at least always having ‘something’ just in case the odd occasion pops up. While I’m definitely the type of person who’d rather spend every penny on experiences with friends, I too get dragged into this strange world which leaves me questionning whether I should buy a £20+ Nars lipstick instead of a concert ticket.  I know, I know, first World problems.

With summer rolling round I’m really trying to keep at least one hand on my purse, restraining the other hand from trying to dip in there too often. At the end of the day, future Jodie won’t remember the amazing lipstick, killer shoes or latest fashion trend…I’d much rather spend my money on adventures, activities and memory makers. Hopefully future Jodie will thank me for that.

Let me know how you manage your money! Are you a saver or a spender?

Jodie xo

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