Updated Haircare Routine

Around this time last year I did a video and blog post about my haircare routine. I thought I’d update it again this year as I love reading and watching how other people look after their hair. I’m using slightly different products but the same principles are there. In this post I’m going to go through what I use and why – hopefully it’s useful!updatedhaircareroutine

So firstly, in terms of shampoos and conditioners I’m fairly easy going. I always choose ones which are suited to dry or damaged hair as I like my hair to feel extremely nourished (even though my hair’s actually pretty healthy at the moment). I’ve been using this Elvive Extraordinary Oil set for the last few months and I’ve found it really good, leaving my hair soft with a shine. I tend to wash my hair once or twice a week then use a hair mask such as the L’Oreal Elvive full restore mask once a week. I feel that this routine works well with my hair – keeping my hair nourished and hydrated as I tend to soak my hair for styling practically everyday (and my hair is subjected to chlorine on a regular basis so hydration is really important!).updatedhaircareroutine2

In terms of styling, again, I’m pretty fuss free. My main aim with my hair is to define the curls so I use my favourite curly hair product, the Boots Curl Creme throughout my hair and then use some mousse to add some bounce and hold to the curls. Sometimes I’ll use the curl activator from Urban Therapy although I find this doesn’t really define curls as much. I’ll use a variation of these products everyday that I have my curl hair down, applying on damp hair.updatedhaircareroutine3

Lastly I thought I’d touch on what I use if I have my hair straight. To straighten my hair I would use a blowdryer and flat irons so I’ll use a heat protectant – this one from Lee Stafford smells lovely (although very strong!) and adds shine to your hair. I’d also sometimes use hairspray, the brand really doesn’t matter here as I think most will do the job but this a GHD final fix hairspray which has a really fine mist which doesn’t leave the hair feeling tacky!updatedhaircareroutine4I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my simple haircare routine. As you can probably tell, all the products I use are purse friendly and easy to get hold of in Boots and Superdrug. I never really see the point in spending too much on my hair as these products work just as well. I’d definitely suggest splurging on a decent hair cut every so often (even though cutting curly hair leaves you mourning the loss of the old hair!) because that’ll keep hair healthy and eventually let it grow longer and stronger. I’d love to try out some new products so if you have any suggestions then leave ’em below!

Jodie xo

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