Favourite Summer Nails

Today I thought I’d let you in on my favourite summer nails at the moment. I’ve divided them into three different groups: pales/natural, bolds and shimmers and I think these three groups will see you through summer. I should also probably note some of my favourite colours which I haven’t got my hands on yet, especially the Models Own ‘Polish for tans’ collection – because how could you not?

I’m a sucker for pale nail polish and own way too many extremely similar baby pink shades. Here I’ve chosen Barry M Gelly in ‘coconut’ which is an ‘almost white’ kinda colour. It’s by far the most opaque shade and I think it’s perfect because it’s light, summery and goes with everything. Next I’ve got the Rimmel Nail Rescue (now in new packaging) which is a clear nail polish which stregthens your nails. I wear this on it’s own to give your bare nails a shine. Lastly in this section I’ve chosen the Models Owns Nail polish in ‘buff pink’…because nothing much beats a simple baby pink, right?favouritesummernails4Next is the bold nail polishes – probably my personal faves. First up is another of the Barry M Gelly range this time in ‘blue grape’ which is such a lovely holiday, by-the-sea colour. I absolutely love this one. Next is a Ted Baker nail polish in a coral-ly, red colour. I love the slight oranginess compared to a normal pillar box red. I’d definitely say a orange toned red would be a lovely edition into anyones collection. Lastly, is another Barry M one (Barry M just do nail polishes sooooo well) this time in the normal nail paint which annoyingly doesn’t have a name. I guess any hot pink colour would be fab!
favouritesummernails3Shimmers and glitters are an all round statement and nonetheless so in the summer. Personally, I prefer shimmery nail polishes rather than glitters because they’re easier to get off. However, having said that my first fave is this Ciate one which is actually a mini size. This looks gorgeous over any nail colour or even bare nails for that added sparkle. The next polish is a purple shimmer from Seventeen (I think?!). I’ve had this colour for yeaaars and have always loved it. And last, is another Ted Baker polish which is shimmery and slightly irridescent. I love it and I’m sure there’s plenty of other brands which do similar shimmery shades!
I hope you enjoyed this long post! I need to start getting into nail art as I’m always extremely envious of instagram pictures of cool nails! I’ll stick with adding to my nail polish collection for now though! What are your favourite shades?

Jodie xo


  1. emmalovesbeautyx 19th June 2015 / 10:43 pm

    I love all the Barry m shades!! It’s one of my favourite brands:)

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