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It’ll probably come as no surprise that I love to sew and design as I’ve already touched on textiles projects in the past such as my AS projects (here and here) and my GCSE project (here). Often I don’t really have the chance to sew things for myself but this year, as soon as exams were out the way I bought myself a mannequin and began a project! Using a mannequin and newspaper I created a pattern from which I then cut out the fabric and sewed. I’ve documented the process on film if that’s something anyone would be interested in seeing?

However, the difference with this project was that I based my ideas off the idea of ‘renewal’. In fact, the printed fabric on the co-ordinates was one of my grandma’s lovely silk scarves. Renewal is one of my favourite ideas and styles within the fashion industry. I find it amazing how old items can be reworked into something different and amazing instead of letting them sit and gather up dust.

I chose this scarf in particular because it was my favourite pattern and I loved the bright colours. I knew I wouldn’t get loads of wear out of it as a scarf so wanted to turn it into an orignal garment which now embodies a modern style with the beautiful print.

coordinates4 coordinates3 coordinates2 coordinatesHopefully I’ll be interweaving more of my sewing projects and the renewal processes into my blog posts. I want to encourage more people to try their hand at sewing, creating unique garments rather than buying everything from the highstreet – it’s not as hard as you think!

If you have any requests or ideas for more sewing related posts then please leave them in the comments below!

Jodie xo

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