Youtubers I’m Currently Loving

So you might not know that I’m pretty much a youtube addict. Regular media – TV, magazines, etc – have gone out the window in recent years in favour of the ever changing vlogger and blogger industry. I’d thought I’d share with you 5 youtubers I’m currently really enjoying – if you’d like to know more about my fave youtubers then that’s another post I could possibly dive into?


Tasha Green

I’ve been watching Tasha Green for about a year and a bit now after seeing her in one of Sammi from Beautycrush’s videos. Her style is really fun and interesting plus she seems very down to earth. My fave videos of hers are definitely the lookbooks – they’re awesome. She also has a blog which you can check out here.

YT5Shop Style Conquer

These two sisters from New Zealand are also soooo fab. Tara and Ellen make -in my opinion- some of the best, understated videos on youtube. They’re basically the channel I want to keep as my little secret (along with the other 4,000+ subscribers….) but their content quality and obvious hard work show they’re not going to be my little secret much longer – I should put my bets in now. Not only is their youtube channel worth checking out (I honestly couldn’t even pick a favourite type of video, they just keep getting better and better) but their blog is also awesome and so so pretty!!YT4Vloggers and film makers

Casey Neistat

Honestly it’s taken me way too long to come across Casey. At the moment he’s doing everyday vlogs whilst he’s setting up his new business and the quality and effort which goes into every thought provoking, stylised video is amazing. Seriously, he’s not the average daily vlogger – he’s a daily film maker…. go check it out for yourself.YT3 Hannah Maggs (and the Michalak family)

Another vlogger which I’ve only discovered pretty recently. They do weekly videos of their lives but again, unlike regular vloggers their videos are a cinematic experience and are clearly delicately crafted together which makes the 30 minute-ish video every Sunday feel like you’re sitting down to watch your favourite tv show…in real life…. craaaazy.YT2


Sarah Close

Sarah’s weekly music uploads are one of my favourite times of the week. She does covers of a wide array of songs and quite simply her voice is a joy to listen to. It’s like having your favourite artist release a single every single week – the excitement is real! I can’t wait for her to bring out her own stuff.


I hope you enjoyed my slightly different post today! Hopefully that’s given you some more channels to go and have a snoop around! Please feel free to leave your own channels + blogs or your favourite ones in the comments!

Jodie xo

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