5 Summer Hairstyles | Perfect for Curly Hair

I’m the ultimate culprit for doing nothing with my hair, at best I rotate between 3 styles – down, 2 buns or just a mess… and sometimes a mix of all three. So I thought I’d attempt to show 5 different hairstyles I’ll be wearing throughout the summer. They’re super easy and require less than 5 minutes (because who has time to do french braids everyday?). I’ve also done a little video about my five fave hair styles for curly hair so make sure you check that out afterwards!

1. Minnie Mouse I wear this look all the time and always get the Mickey/Minnie mouse comments (which I secretly love). This hairstyle keeps the hair off your neck and keeps you nice and cool. With straight hair I’d definitely say pull out pieces from the side near the ears to frame your face but I find this doesn’t really work well with curly hair as you’re left with a random piece of frizz which only annoys you. summerstyles1 2. The Side Bun The side bun always looks chic paired with red lipstick and denim shorts. My fave. I’ve added a basic plait on the side of my head to make it more interesting – you could add a fish tail braid, french braid or dutch braid if you’re feeling confident but I find doing them with curly hair a nightmare!summerhairstyles10 3. Pulled Back Probably one of the easiest hairstyles to do, I simply plaited two front pieces of hair then pulled them to the back of my head and secured with bobby pins. This works well if you’re out and about and need to get your hair out of your eyes on a windy day!summerhairstyles8 4. Princess Laila I love this hairstyle which is similar to the first one. Instead of placing the buns high on my head I secured them behind my ears and added two pulled back plaits to create this simple, cute look.summerhairstyles5 5. Half up, half down My go-to hairstyle is the half up, half down. The 90’s vibe goes with lots of fashion trends at the moment and would look lovely with dungarees and shorts for the summer. I love leaving some of my hair down whilst having the majority of it up and out my face. summerhairstylesI hope you liked this hairstyle post – something slightly different from my normal postings! I know these hairstyles aren’t ground breaking but finding decent, easy hairstyles for curly hair is hard so I thought I’d share my favourite ones. Be sure to check out the video I created about these hairstyles too!

Jodie xo

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