Haulin’ Drugstore Make-up

I went on little trip to Boots last Friday and picked up a few things – mainly because their coupon offers did their trick in persuading me that really I would be ‘saving’ not ‘spending’. Ah, these marketing schemes have got me good. Nonetheless I did pick up some cool things so I thought I’d briefly haul ’em.haulin3I’ll start with the odd one out – deodrant. Now I might be going mad but I swear I heard Essie Button talk about this Mitchum one. To be honest all of them seem to do the job but I trust Estee’s opinion enough to give this one a go too!

I also randomly picked up a Carmex lip balm which -surprisingly- I’ve never tried before… (I’ve already tried this out now and love it).

So there was a little coupon to get more reward points if you bought a Soap & Glory lip product. I adhered to that. Obviously. I got a satin lipstick in ‘Naked Beige’ which is basically like a pinkish beige colour. I’m not too taken with the naming of S&G’s products but I have to say, the packaging on this lipstick is quality.

I also got a couple of other lip products. Firstly I got two lipliners, one from Barry M in ’14’ which is a coral-red colour and looks perfect all over the lips with lip balm. Love that. And the second lip liner is from Natural Collection in ‘expresso’, obviously a brownish colour which I think would work well under nude lipsticks.haulinAnd the last lip product I bought was the Barry M Matte Me Up lip crayon in ‘3’. Very similar to the Soap and Glory lipstick in colour but more of a matte finish compared to the satin finish of the lipstick. I saw Fleur De Force talk about them so I thought I’d give them a go too.

If you’re interested in hearing my opinion on any of the products mentioned then be sure to let me know and I can get round to doing that. Now I need to put my money in a safe, throw away the key and save it ready for summer. No more Boots trips…(maybe).

Jodie xo

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