What I Loved in May

So somehow we’ve come to the end of the month and although May seems like a complete blur of revision and exam panic I’ve managed to conjure up a few of my faves. There’s no books, music, films or anything else other than beauty because y’know I just haven’t been digging that many things lately. As you can probably see, pink seems to be theme here – apart from that Ted Baker red lipstick – I guess that’s the spring influence.

This favourites is heavily lip product related with 4 different ones here:

Nivea Lip Butter: I know I’ve spoken about this tons but it’s my go-to for dry/sore lips and it’s perfect right before bed (the white colour takes a while to sink in, hence why I wouldn’t use it during the day).

Nivea Pearly Lips: Another Nivea product here, this time in the form of a chapstick. Like the name suggests, it has a pearly shimmery finish which I find slightly too light on my lips alone, but underneath a lip crayon (like the one mentioned below – this combination has been my favourite) I think it works wonders and looks lovely.

Lumene Lip Sorbet in 20 Rosy Moments: This lip crayon was a gift from family who live in Finland. Lumene is a Finnish brand, although I’ve done my research and it looks like you American peeps can get your hands on it at Ulta. At first I was weary of this vibrant pink but it works well lightly dabbed on your lips as a stain or for a bold pink lip, extremly versatile!

Ted Baker Lipstick in Red: Annoyingly this product doesn’t have a proper name and I’m not exactly sure where/if you can purchase it – I got it in the Ted Baker Beautiful face collection as a birthday present.

I’ve also been loving a pinky blush and a pale pink eyeliner. The blush is the Ted Baker one (and I swear I don’t love it just for the beautiful rose gold packaging!), it’s kind of a mix between a blush and highlighter so it’s fab for the spring/summer to add a bit of shimmer. The eyeliner is from Barry M and to say I got this yonks ago is an understatement! I’ve been putting this in my waterline (it’s waterproof, smudgeproof and long wearing!) and brightens my eyes whilst giving a little summery, fun pink twist. I laaav it.MayLove2I guess it leaves me to say my last two favourites which are the BB cream from The Body Shop (I’ll find my post about this and link it here) and my rose gold eye lash curlers – which I never really used to bother with but recently I’ve been loving them and they really do make a difference.

That’s my faves for the month. Hope ya like. Let me know your faves so I can go and buy moreeee!

Jodie xo



  1. rosyvogue 29th May 2015 / 6:21 pm

    The Nivea lip butter is amazing! ♥

    • madfashionlover
      29th May 2015 / 7:05 pm

      ah it really is! I haven’t tried the vanilla one yet though! Bet it smells amazing.

      • rosyvogue 30th May 2015 / 2:46 pm

        I only tried the raspberry one for now, but I want to try the other two aswell!

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