The Power of Photos| photo wall, timeline + canvases

I’ve always been a total photo lover, whether I’m sharing them online, looking through an album or simply storing them on my phone (which currently stores close to 1,500 photos). My room has always been a place of expression in which I blue tack anything and everything onto my wall. I thought I’d share how I display photos in my room – they’re a great pick-me up, I can’t imagine not seeing my favourite memories around my room!

The Mix-Matched Wallphotowall6

I’m lucky enough to have recieved a couple of these canvases from talented, artsy friends (top left one, middle row 3rd one down + the one to the right of that). I also painted a couple of the canvases (the blue one at the top of someone diving and the flowers) when I was younger. The other ones are a mix match of photos put into frames, a random framed certificate from a Jack Petchey award and the lipstick one I made myself after being inspired by an etsy print. This wall’s one I’ll keep adding too with little canvases, frames and pictures – I like it.

The ‘Timeline’
photowall3 photowall2 photowall

This timeline/ washing line type thing has been on my wall for what seems like forever. I’ve used these looped screw thingys (I have no idea what they’re called?!) to keep the ribbon from drooping too much from the weight of the photos. Again, this ones fab because I can constantly change and add to it, it’s also probably the easiest out the three to do and I would totally reccomend it to brighten up your room and show off your memories.

The Photo Wall

IMG_20150522_192544The latest addition of photos comes from this photo wall which I made over the weekend. Whilst you can buy square prints of your instagram (and other photos) using sites such as printstagram I used my own printer and printed onto photo paper (surprisingly still much cheaper). I LOVE this wall and have been wanting to do it for ages (inspired by Lily Pebble’s office wall) so I’m glad it’s finally done, plus I think it looks pretty, chic and modern.

You can check out how I did my photo wall in this quick 1 minute video!

Hope this has got you inspired to add some photos to your bedroom!

Jodie xo


  1. rosyvogue 27th May 2015 / 7:37 pm

    This is so lovely, I want to make something similar in my room! ♥

    • madfashionlover
      27th May 2015 / 8:31 pm

      Thank you! Go for it! I’d love to see pictures if you do it xo

      • rosyvogue 28th May 2015 / 5:06 pm

        If I end up doing this I’ll post something about it on my blog ♥

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