Summer Bucket List 2015

summer bucketlistIt’s always at this time of year that I start thinking about what I want to do, see and achieve during the summer holidays and this year, like always, I have lots on my list. Whilst I can’t think of everything I want to do right now, I’ll be sure to come and update this post whenever I come up with another idea. I’d also love to hear your ideas in the comments!IMG_20150425_165535~ Make my own One-day-London-Tour. I had this idea last year, but this year I’ll actually see it through by doing a blog post/ video about all the iconic places I’d visit if I was only in London for one day – it’ll be like a crammed London tour guide (and I’ll actually go to them all to test it out…!).

~ A Brighton trip is always a must – this year I think it’d kinda be cool to stay in the YHA hostel overnight to see more of the pebbled city…maybe that’ll be a thing.

~I definitely want to go on more coffee chats and breakfasts which sounds like such a little thing but I really love going out for breakfast or coffee so it’d be fab to check out a few new places with friends (Bill’s I’m coming for ya)

~ I want to read a ton of books aswell. I seriously haven’t been reading enough so this summer I want my head in a book 24/7.

~Go camping with friends. I’ve wanted to do this for absolutely ever and hopefully this will actually be a thing in 2015.

IMG_20150511_181600~Get my culture on and take advantage of all the free London events and museums

~ Spend my life in the lido, because y’know, lidos are fab

~Have an endless amount of BBQs and bonfires

~Finally take my level 2 swimming teachers qualification

~Decorate my room properly

~Make some awesome internet content

~Do something exciting/interesting/creative to go on my CV

I guess that’s it for the moment – obviously there’s some more generic ones I’ve missed off (a.k.a – enjoying my lie ins, movie days, etc) but that’s my summer bucket list at the moment! What’s yours?

Jodie xo

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