Behind the Scenes Shoot with ELLE UK and GHD

On Saturday I got the chance to go behind the scenes at ELLE’s shoot in collaboration with GHD. Despite not knowing what to expect I turned up eager as ever to get a glimpse at an industry I hope to soon be part of – I can say right now, I wasn’t disappointed!

ELLEshoot2The premise of the day was to watch the behind the scenes of an ELLE shoot using GHD products (particularly the new ghd platinum styler which you can pre-order on their site) with 3 rotating models making for a practically on-going day shoot. Whilst the models posed away we were treated to hair styling by the amazing GHD stylists who ensured all the women in Shoreditch had bombshell curls and beachy waves (…because who doesn’t want that?) as well as an Instagram photobooth, manicures and temporary tattoos!ELLEshoot1

It was incredible to see the models craft, as they posed for the main camera as well as continuously keeping their composure with the 300+ other cameras facing their way! They were all beautiful – especially their amazing hair styled by GHD.
The shoot really gave an insight into the rest of the jobs as well, seeing the constant work of the hair stylists and make-up team who step in to fix the slightest wisp of hair which ultimately creates a flawless image. I just loved everything, I only wish I could be the other side of the barriers running around doing something!
ELLEshoot4 Having my hair done definitely was the icing on the cake (yum yum). The hair stylists were awesome, like extremely awesome. We might of had to wait a while but having my hair curled with GHDs, something I’ve actually never had done before, was fab.
Obviously the Instagram photobooth was also lots of fun – I wish I had one in my home!
Screenshot_2015-05-16-16-32-48-1I truly had an amazing time at the ELLE UK & GHD event! It was a great experience and an fantastic insight into the industry. You can check out photos from the event on the ELLE website here and the real photos from the photoshoot will be in ELLE’s August Magazine edition!

You can also check out my short youtube video from the days events by clicking below!

Jodie xo

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