Random Photos, Random Blog Post.

I honestly had no clue what to post today but had a bunch a random photos stored on my phone which I thought I’d share with you… There’s no particular reason I’ve picked these photos although generally they were all taken over the last few months and have been stored in my ‘Instagram’ folder on my phone since then. I always think photos should be on a wall instead of in an album stocked away and similarly what’s the real point of taking a photo only for it to be kept in a folder, on a locked phone which I only ever look at?

So here’s what I’m going to call ‘This Month’s Random Photos’ (although some may actually be from March).
wpid-img_20150429_163557.jpgShopping trips always end in weird selfies. This one, although extremely blurred, catches my attention each time – partly because I love the dress, which I didn’t buy *grrrrr* and partly because I was just so happy in that moment.
imageOn a walk in Leigh-On-Sea on the Easter Sunday week end we came across these castle ruins which looked massive, especially with the birds flying through them.image

Last Sunday was the London Marathon and going, watching, supporting and cheering the marathon runners has been an annual occurence for several years. The runners all look really grumpy here, but I swear it’s a happy event!


My attempt at an artsy shot of the left over water from the marathon. The after math.imageThe last picture ends on revision overlooking Greenwich park. It was freeeeeezing cold but the view was just too stunning to miss (although it’s blurred here).

This is more of a thing to document for myself, but I hope you somewhat enjoyed it nonetheless!

Jodie xo

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