AS Textiles Final Outcome | Respond to today’s world

Today we shot out photos of our textiles exam garments which we created in 8 hours on Monday and Tuesday of last week. For AS Art and Design: Textiles we create conceptual pieces based around a theme. My theme for this project was ‘Respond to today’s world’ and I chose to interpret the brief through exploring war, destruction and protest.

For those who may be interested on the concept behind my garment, here’s a little summary… The big sleeves and full length tie up the front is based on military wear such as the structured jackets and tied boots. Similarly, the print on the bodice is my hand print, suggesting there is ‘blood on our hands’ and that we all have a responsibility to the destruction which happens in the world. We have to think – what can we do? The print on the skirt part of the garment is a digital print of a protest referring to the ways we already respond to today’s world and the importance in protesting for what you believe in. Lastly the PVC tear drops (probably my favourite part) are made of newsprint, splattered with blood and detailed with headlines of the destruction which is happening right now. It puts things into perspective of how much is happening and how much we still need to conquer.image



DSC_0090 DSC_0087I hope my garment provokes interest and discussion and that this post has given you a little insight into what I’ve been working on in textiles over the last few months. I’m proud of my garment but aaaaaaah am I happy I’m finished with it.

Jodie xo

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