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In spirit of the good weather I decided to pop to the shops and pick up a few spring pieces. After watching Tasha Green’s and Leanne Lim-Walker’s Primark hauls, I couldn’t resist having a little splurge of my own. I hadn’t been into Primark in yonks, but their stuff in at the moment is pretty nice, even if you do have to have a good rummage around. 20150418_180328_Richtone(HDR)_Fotor 20150418_180136_Richtone(HDR)_Fotor

I’m in love with these bardot tops at the moment and thought seeing as the weather is on the up I’d let my shoulders out of the chunky knit jumpers…finally! I picked up this one for £6 and particularly liked the intricate pattern which I thought would team nicely with some denim shorts.20150418_175103_Richtone(HDR)_Fotor

When summer hits the shops are always filled to the brim with crop tops. However, it’s nice to have some longer tops such as the one below, considering British summer often includes a sprinkling of rain and some wind. I also gravitated towards this one as a summer top which I could actually wear for sixth form.

My favourite top I picked up is probably this striped bardot one (see I told you I love ’em!). I can see this going with abolutely everything in summer, high waisted skirts, jeans and shorts would be an easy, chic outfit for the warmer months – for £5 I thought it was a steal too.

Delicate knit/crochet style tops are in this summer (and were also quite popular last summer). I really like this one which has a festival/beach vibe and looks flattering on. I snatched it for £10, which to me seems crazy when you could easily pay £20+ for a top like this in Topshop.20150418_175435_Richtone(HDR)_FotorThese jogger/cargo trousers are definitley not my favourite purchase. I’m interested to style these as they’re not something I would normally wear really. However, I decided to make the purchase because they were on sale for £1…£1!!! Bargain – how could I not?

H&M had lots of lovely things in (I’ll be going back to pick up some others asap!) but I only went in there to try on their jeans. I have wanted a pair of white jeans for ages now but couldn’t persuade myself to get the Topshop Jamie jeans – which, however lovely they fit and feel, are not worth the £40 they sell them for. To be honest, I could rant all day long about Topshop Jeans (my black ones have faded sooooo quickly) but I’ll leave that for another day. Anyways I went in and for £14 not only bought a pair of white jeans but also a pair of stonewash jeans (cheaper and better quality than the Primark ones!). Ahhh, I do love H&M.
20150418_175748_Richtone(HDR)_Fotor_Fotor_CollageSo what was supposed to be a trip to pick up some textiles supplies turned into a mini shopping spree…oops. I’m thinking about doing a little blog post with a few of these pieces (and other spring pieces) styled on me – let me know what you think about that….video or blog post on it?

Hope you have a fantastic week..Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, A Levels really do get in the way of life.

Jodie xo

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