VIDEO// Spring ‘make-up’ video

It’s certainly been ‘long time, no see’ on my Youtube channel which hasn’t been updated since early January. I finally had the time, patience and spirit to film another video for you guys and all being well they’ll be some more regular ones in the future (weekly, hopefully). As you all are well aware, I’m not a make-up lover, let alone a make-up expert but thought I’d do a little look inspired by the bright coloured cropped Topshop vest which I also wear in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.48.47

My ‘Spring Essential’ Beauty Ideas

It’s all about the glow: In the video you’ll see me applying liquid highlighter (my favourite thing ever at the moment) and a powder shimmer type Ted Baker product (I don’t even know what it is?!). Adding a ‘glow’ and sheen to your skin really gets that summer feeling started and I think it makes you look healthier and sun kissed, even when in reality it’s still rainy cold England.

Bright Bold Lips: To many, spring may be associated with nude shades of lipstick and pastel colours. However as a vibrant-colour-lover I jump at the chance to wear vivid shades – orange being my current fave.

Minimal: As one who doesn’t tend to wear face products such as foundation, bb creams and contour powder it’s normal for me to be ‘minimal’. However sticking with the ‘glow’ idea, even if you do, simply switching up foundation to a lighter coverage or a dewier finish can make your look more natural and comfortable to wear in the increasing temperatures.

I hope you enjoy my quick Youtube video – if you have any ideas on other videos make sure to let me know!!


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