Can someone just confirm it’s the 21st Century please?

A few days ago ‘news broke’ (let’s not even debate what should be classified as news) that Danny Dyer (actor, currently playing Mick Carter in Eastenders) was engaged to Joanne Mas. I’m not here to talk celebrity gossip because I’m happy for them, but I also couldn’t care less…y’know what I mean? What did surprise me was the ‘shocked’ news and debate surrounding whether it was -quote- ‘ok for a woman to propose to a man?’ as if this is actually a question.

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Firstly can I just point out the fact that people feel it’s ok and actually bother opposing how someone else chooses to live their life. Have we all forgotten that how someone else lives, celebrity or not, is none of our business? Why can’t we just celebrate happiness?

However this celebrity gossip brought around some interesting and quite shocking debates about whether women should or shouldn’t propose to a man. It did make me laugh (and somewhat cry inside) that people thought this wasn’t an acceptable thing to do living in the 21st century. I mean women go to work and earn livings, drive cars, own property and are allowed to vote (things we couldn’t do 100 years ago) yet it’s not acceptable to pop the question to your loved one?

I’ve searched the internet for thought provoking arguments against women popping the question, unfortunately these are the only ones worth mentioning:

‘It’s tradition’ – well so was only the elite class voting in Britain. Or mothers having to stay at home. But guess what, traditions were broken because it’s impossible to live in a evolving society when we’re still hung up on the past – which more often than not bares no relevance to the present.

‘But women should feel special – it’s what all girls dream of’ – I think more girls dream of happiness and falling in love not the particulars of who goes down on one knee. Also if this is the case then maybe we should be teaching girls to be more open minded rather than just conforming to these ‘dreams’. When you’re in love do you really care about the details? And surely men deserve just as much right to feel special and loved?

‘If a woman has to propose to a man he’s clearly not into her and she’s clearly desperate’ – unlike lover’s tiffs in secondary school I’m pretty sure most people are in long term relationships because they’re ‘into them’ (is that not the point?). Especially in the case of Dyer and Mas’ 20 year relationship I’m pretty sure neither of the above apply.

But of course the best argument is saved for last…

‘It’s emasculating!’ – Unsurprisingly I only had to turn to twitter to find plenty of teenage boys (and girls – what happened to all supporting each other?) uttering the argument that a woman proposing to a man would be ’emasculating’. I mean, I’ll give it to you twitter, there were plenty of ‘hilarious’ jokes, but if that’s your real opinions than whaaaa?! If it only takes a woman you supposedly love to ’emasculate’ you then maybe you’re not ready for such a commitment like marriage anyways.

Can we just skip out of our little relapse into the 19th century and remember that women can do so many things which were once deemed ‘men’s jobs’ – why is it not acceptable that we can also share the responsibility of proposal? Join the debate and have your say…(If you got this far into my ‘attempting-to-structure-a-rant’ post then thank you!)

Jodie xo

P.S. – I have decided not to bother mentioning Katie Hopkins as I really don’t understand what she’s still doing broadcasting her contradicting rubbish. In the words of blogger, Zoe London, maybe if we just ignore her, she’ll go away?

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