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The last few weeks have been particularly busy for me -hence the lack of posts last week- because I’ve been finishing off my textiles coursework. I’m really proud of it (don’t get me wrong, there’s a hundred things I would do differently but that’s part of the process!). I thought I would show you some of the photos today as I know this is something I would love to see more of in the blogging world!

P.s.- Sorry for the faded labelling over the pictures but it’s the safest way to keep my work as MY work! Haha.
ASTextiles ASTEXTILES2 ASTEXTILES3 ASTEXTILES4We all got to choose our own themes for this project. I chose ‘structure’ and after looking at buildings such as the British Museum ceiling I turned my attention to ‘structure in the body’. This led me to design my garment based on this stylised skeleton shape acting as a caging around the skirt. If you look closely you can also see a small PVC print on the pink skirt. Whilst designing the top I wanted to ensure they both linked together in some way. I decided to use the left over pieces of fabric -from laser cutting the skeleton caging- and sew them onto the top.

I learnt so many new skills including adjusting zip lengths, sewing a concealed zip in my skirt, using a lining and printing my own fabric. I also learnt just how much time and energy goes into the whole process – I was exhausted!!

I hope you like my AS Textiles Coursework garment! I would love to here your feedback on it. Also I’m considering doing a Youtube video or writing an extended blog post about the whole process looking back at my sketchbook and intial design ideas – if that’s something you’d like to see then let me know!

Jodie xo

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