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Even though we’ve just gone through the season of giving it doesn’t stop a shopaholic from wanting more…oops. I constantly have a list of things which I have my eye on and the likelyhood is I only actually purchase a few of the items but nonetheless a girl can dream! I thought it would be interesting to do a monthly glance over my wishlists so you can see the things I’m currently loving!


1. Bold Metal make-up brushes by Real Techniques
I recieved a collection of Real Techniques brushes for my birthday back in October and have fallen in love with them. Now I have my eyes on their new ‘bold metals’ range, specifically the ‘100 Arched powder’ and the ‘200 oval shadow’.

2. NARS Lip pencils
This set of Nars lip pencils contain both smaller sizes of some satin pencils and some velvet ones. For me this seems like the perfect solution in wanting to try loads at one time yet not having enough money to be spending £18 on each of them!


1. Converse

There’s one fashion item which I KNOW I’m going to get thanks to a JD Sports giftcard I got for christmas! I’ve set my hearts on another pair of converse this time either in all white or all black….HELPPPPP I can’t decide?!

2. Topshop Jamie Jeans
I feel like Topshop jeans are constantly on my wishlists and this time is no different. I’m really wanting a pair of Jamies for their high-waisted qualities but also for their thick jean material (although I love my joni’s I would love something more classically ‘jean like’). I love this blue vintage wash pair but after scrolling through the website I may be even more in love with their CORDS! (can you tell I love corduroy?)

Could this actually be a January wishlist without a turtle neck, I think not. I LOVE how everyone is embracing the turtle neck and it seems wise considering how cold it is outside. One of my faves is this one from ASOS, although I’m still on the hunt for an even chunkier one (and a turtle neck knit dress!!).

I hope you liked this post, I’m going to try and do a more detailed and in-depth one next month! xo

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