book1 book2I recieved #GIRLBOSS for christmas (along with a couple of other equally fab books which will be featured on the blog in the next few weeks) and then read it within 48 hours… I think.

Although quite autobiographical, #GIRLBOSS is extremely relatable to any young (or old!) woman looking to create success, make something of themselves or simply see where the wind takes them. You get the jist. I am SO HAPPY I read this and would recommend it to numerous friends. I felt like it gave me the kick up the butt I needed for January!

My favourite thing about the book is that although Sophia Amoruso makes it appear that her timing of setting up Nasty Gal (a SUPER COOL clothing brand) was ‘luck’ she also makes it blatantly obvious that to get where you want you need buckets of determination and belief in yourself and what you are doing.

Not only does this loosen the pressure of A Levels (…they’re not complete life and death are they? – I’m talking about creative subjects here, not if you want to be a doctor/lawyer/etc). It made me feel like my dreams are achievable in a world where everyone gives you strange stares if you want to be anything out of the ‘norm’.

As you can probably tell I do truly love this book. If you’ve read it already feel free to leave your thoughts on it in the comments!

Jodie xo

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