Things I want to do in 2015

Just because we’re now into mid-January, it doesn’t mean we should completely forget all about our good intentions for the rest of the year! I’ve been thinking about the things I want to accomplish and do in 2015 to do with school, hobbies and just general fun. If you’re interested in what I want to have done by December 31st 2015 then check out my little ‘bucket list’ style blog post below!

1) Get Fit! (Literally everyone’s new years resolution but this year I’m aiming to go for a run once a week and a swim once a week!).

2) Keep up my blog and youtube schedule (I’ve mentioned this before, I know…but hey I’m doing good so far, right?)

3) Get creative! I definitely want to do more sewing and designing at home for myself, not just for my textiles A level. I want to be able to sew clothes which I can wear!

4) Use my time wisely. Procrastination keeps me from doing soooo much work it’s crazy. I need to stop putting things back and just DO.

5) Be more social – we have weekends for a reason other than sleep.

6) To be reading a book constantly not just a) when I have to or b) when I buy a new one.

7) Get my level 2 swimming teaching qualification

8) Get my lifeguard qualification

9) See my extended family more often, they’re worth it.

10) SAVE my money (then blow it all on my 18th birthday, no joke).

11) Go to Paris with the three musketeers (Renae and Amara)

12) Record things more – photos, videos, journals.

13) Get my digital photos printed – I want to have physical photos!

14) Try yoga and/or pilates

15) To write a book, just for writing’s sake.

16) Discover more of London – get out and about!

17) Stop eating junk…sometimes.

18) Start playing the piano again

I’m interested to hear about some of your goals, so if you feel like sharing make sure you leave a comment below or tweet me @madfashionlover

Jodie xo

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