MY DOCS |Dr Martens, 3 ways

Since the tender age of three Dr Martens have been gracing the soles of my feet and continue to live the little daily adventures with their ‘bouncy soles’. Maybe one day I’ll dig out the little mini docs I wore over 10 years ago now – yes my mum has kept them all. But today I’ve had the help of the fab Hana, to take some pics of these classic shoes/boots and the outfits that accompany them (there’ll also be a post next week with more of these pics so keep your eyes peeled!). I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to check out Hana’s instagram for more great photos (and she’s also a super talented artist).

I currently own three pairs of Dr Martens although I constantly wish for more as I browse the Dr Marten instagram page (clearly that was a bad move following them on there…). My oldest pair are my pink patent ones which I’ve now had for just over four years. They were given to me as christmas present back in 2010 and I went to the Dr Marten store in Covent Garden to choose them with my dad. In all honesty I don’t get what 2010 Jodie was seeing, patent, really?! But I still wear them every now and again and they’re as comfortable as ever! pinkdocs2 pinksdocs The next pair of Dr Martens I got on my 15th birthday although again I picked them out myself, this time online.  They’re not the original ones as they have fewer lace holes which I like because they’re more of an ‘ankle boot’. These are probably the ones I wear most as they go with pratically every winter outfit I wear! burgundydocs burgundydocs2 The last -and newest- pair of Dr Martens were purchased as my school shoes for Year 11, meaning they’re only a year and a half old. They’re shoes instead of the other two boot styles but I love ’em nonetheless. I’m not sure I actually love the shoe style docs, with size 7 feet they can look a bit clumpy, but I do like pairing these beauties with numerous outfits… blackdocs blackdocs2 What I love most about Dr Martens is that each one becomes a ‘meaningful’ shoe. I can tell you when I got them, who I got them with and why I got them. They’re more expensive than you’re average shoe but unlike other expensive shoes -namely nike trainers- these actually last. They last in style, in function and in look. If you look after a pair of docs, the docs will look after your feet for a life time – oh, I love ’em! I’d love to see pics of your docs! Tweet them to me @madfashionlover Jodie xo


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