A Few of My Happy Moments// a look back at 2014

Hey, hi, hello. It’s been a little while (okay, 21 days to be exact…) since I last blogged and it seemed wrong to end the year without ‘ending the year’… y’know? Firstly, let’s just get the niceties out the way – I hope you all had a FAB christmas (oh, wow, I really haven’t blogged in a while….) and considering it’s New Year’s Eve it’s pretty apt to be looking back at the year, here we go!

Milestones & Events


2014 has been quite a jumbled year in my opinion with lots of celebration but equally as much hardwork! This year I documented a few of these ‘milestones’ which are linked down below.

The pains of exams – a post where I stress out about exams and explain why revision comes before blogging. Funny to look back on now, but also nice to see how determined I was to do well!

A year of my blog – A gushy post about having this little space on the internet for a year.

Finishing school – Another gushy post about secondary school. One I look back at often, and definitely a good one to reflect on when I’m older.

Birthday post – A post mainly featuring a bunch of photos from a lovely evening.

Some of my favourite posts

Although fashion is obviously a big part of my blog (and I hope to make it an even bigger part in 2015…) I can’t resist writing about general life and the things on my mind! Some of my favourite posts regarding general wafflings are below!


Happiness – simply that. A post about happiness and my favourite ideas surrounding it.

Women –  a sad & happy post about a topic I’m passionate about.

Believe in Yourself  – a post which was probably written for my own motivation, but nonetheless relatable to everyone.

Friendship – my thoughts on why friendship is so important, and my luck in finding it.

My favourite Youtube vids

I started my Youtube channel Decemeber 24th 2013 and although I’ve slacked big time on it, I still love looking back at a couple of the videos I made. I’ve picked the three videos I’m most proud of and the ones I can watch without cringing to death! Enjoy.


Shoe Collection – a quick video of my shoes! I’ll probably make another one in a few months… I’m ADDICTED!

Prom– some shots from my prom accompanied by music… a memory documented in video.

Get Ready With Me – 17th B’day – my first GRWM video & attempt at applying makeup without looking like a complete novice.

I hope the festive season has treated you right and that you’ve had a 2014 full of laughter and joy. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things both on my blog and my youtube channel.

2015 will be our year.

Jodie xo

P.S.- what has been your favourite post of 2014?

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