New shoes // ft. Missguided

It was a dreary cold December evening, I was home alone, and I may have given in and bought myself a new pair of shoes. Okay, I definitely did.


These beauties are from Missguided and are called the ‘Camilla Pointed Lace Up Brogue’. I know I have enough shoes already (boy, do my parents like to remind me!) but these are the perfect smarter more feminine version of my low black Dr. Martens.


The point on the brogue is what 100% sold me on these. I LOVE how stylish and sleek they look and the heel isn’t high at all, yet it still makes that ‘clip clatter’ noise (it’s not just me who loves that sound…right?).


I can’t wait to team these with skirts, thick tights, dresses and ahhhh! I would definitely recommend having a browse on the Missguided website yourself, although don’t leave delivery to the last minute because it is NOT reliable…


Hope you enjoyed this post! What d’ya think of the shoes?

Jodie xo

EDITED UPDATE: wore these shoes for the first time today. They KILL my feet but no doubt they just need a lot of wearing in, considering the massive point. Ouch ouch ouch (I still love ’em though!)


    • madfashionlover
      14th December 2014 / 3:47 pm

      thanks! Unfortunately they’re not the most comfy atm – the point is a killer for the toes haha. But hopefully they’ll wear in a bit, for the mean time I’m willing to sacrifice slight discomfort for these lovelies 🙂

      • itsallaboutsonia 15th December 2014 / 12:19 pm

        oh no once you break them in you will love them even more

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