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Although GCSE’s finished what seems like yonks ago, I was reminded of all the hardwork when I went back to my secondary school to pick up my textiles coursework. Looking through my coursework folder and seeing the final garment hanging in my wardrobe made me want to make this post about it – I didn’t want the work to just sit under my bed, naturally I wanted to share it!

My Coursework folder
To show you the 20 something pages which make up this book would be ridiculous, so instead I’ve picked out my favourite pages which you can see in the images below.





The Final Garment
It’s funny yet kind of excruciating looking back at my final garment – there’s obviously so much I would do differently now. Nevertheless, here’s my final garment…



I was inspired to do this post when I stumbled across a video on youtube of somebody looking back and sharing their art coursework. It seems wrong not to document this on my blog when nearly everything else in the last 2 years has been!

Like the title suggests I have definitely got the creative bug from looking back at my coursework. Although I’m doing A level textiles, I also want to start designing and making some clothes for the fun of it, and to build up a portfolio. If you’re interested in me documenting the process of some of that, then let me know!

Hope this post was somewhat interesting haha…

Jodie xo


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