New to me, old to you

I was lucky enough to be gifted a few beauty treats for my birthday, so I thought I’d show you some of them! All of these are good favourites in the blogging world – hence why they’re old news to you but new to me.

Pictured here is the Sam’s Picks Real Techniques brushes, the Naked Basics palette, Mac lipstick in ‘Russian Red’, a revlon blush and a trusty Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liner in nude.

I’m so excited to properly try these out, although I doubt you’ll be seeing any ‘review’ posts anytime soon because let’s be real here – I don’t know a thing about make-up!

The most excitement has to come from the Real Techniques brushes because a) they’re my first make-up brushes…like ever and b) there’s only so many times you can watch a ‘Pixiwoo’ tutorial on youtube without wanting all the brushes they’re using!

I love the ‘collection’ aspect of make-up but in reality I might wear it once a week, if that… it’s important to be happy in your own real, non powdered, contoured, concealed, bronzed up face aswell. But, like most people I love playing ‘dress up’ and mucking about with makeup, so I look forward to giving these things a whirl.

Jodie xo

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