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I hope you’ve all had great days, unfortunately this is just a quick post from me. As you may be aware I haven’t posted a youtube video in the last couple of weeks and I also missed my Monday blog post upload… The last few weeks have just been pretty manic as sixth form work has just been slowly mounting up. I’m going to take a break from Youtube & blogging for the rest of the week (so no post on Friday) to allow myself the time to get on top of my studies. However, I’ll be back and raring to go next Monday – I’d rather write blog posts which I’m proud of instead of putting up any old content just to fufill my upload schedule.

Leaving you on a better note though, I’m pleased to say that I hit 20,000 views at the start of the week. It gave me a warm buzzy feeling in my tummy and I’m just so happy and grateful that people take time out their day to read my weekly wafflles. Thank you!

Have a great week! xo


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