My Sixth Form Wardrobe | Style September

If you’re a fellow British student going to what I’m now just going to label as a ‘regular school’, then you’ll be pretty used to wearing a uniform of some sorts during your secondary (and sometimes primary) school life.

The joys of sixth form bring plenty of independence and freedom including that of your clothing choices. I know a lot of sixth forms with dress codes which are labelled ‘smart, business wear’ with a lot enforcing suits for guys and skirt/jacket combos for girls. However I’ve been lucky and have somehow managed to escape the usual smart attire and attend a sixth form with a ‘wear what you want, within reason’ sort of dress code, which I’m guessing is much more like what American high schools and colleges have?

The exciting yet daunting process of picking out a different outfit everyday is one which I thought I’d share with you. Below you’ll find my what I’ve actually been wearing for sixth form over the last couple of weeks or so… wow – my first OOTW. haha.




Looking back at what you’ve worn over the past couple of days, weeks or months is an interesting (yet sometimes horrifying) thing to do. Having been given the freedom to wear what I want I feel myself skipping past the more unique pieces in my wardrobe and slipping into the same jumper and jeans daily, opting for comfort and ease over everything else. Next month I’m going to force myself into different pieces and get myself out of wearing my -already well loved- Topshop Jamie Jeans which have made several appearances in these photos. Next month shall be about individual style *she says, donning her miss-matched socks and pajama bottoms…*

Happy Friday!
Jodie xo

p.s. – one of the photos is of me in shorts and a polo shirt…I didn’t wear this to sixth form but got changed so quickly (in order to go to swimming teaching) that I forgot to take a picture of my outfit for that day, so took one of that outfit instead! Haha.

p.p.s – can you guess which photo was shot at the end of the first week at sixth form? Hahaha. Clearly I was well worn out!


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      26th September 2014 / 8:39 pm

      thanks for the comment Molly, I’m glad you did, I’ve just checked out your blog and I’m loving it – followed! xo

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