Writer’s block + blogging envy

So I’m sitting here – 40 minutes before uploading time, on a Friday evening with no clue what to write. Recently I’ve been really good about pre-planning and I prodominantely write and photograph on the weekend not only so I’m prepared but also because it’s something I just love to look forward to every week. However the first -out of what I predict to be many- bombs hit me in terms of AS workload last weekend, scuppering any plans of writing leaving me to write them all in the week. Big mistake.


Writer’s block is something which everyone knows about and most have probably experienced…that 2-3 minute writers block in the English Language GCSE exam is the worst. Publishing three times a week is something I’ve never really thought about as being a big deal and in the beginning on my blog there was no pressure – with one post a week being my ‘Style Icon of the Week’ post it was pretty comfy. Anyways, normally I can think of tonnes to write but there’s something about this inbetweeny weather which makes me unsure about the themes of posts and the current season – I mean what is this warm weather in September about?!

Over the next couple of months I’d like to try and introduce a series (maybe weekly or fortnightly) to add to my blog. I’ve been loving the Wear/Life/Eats posts by Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup also normally does a little round up one which is always a joy to read (or maybe I’m going mad because I can’t seem to think of her title now I come to think of it).

So instead of forcing myself to write about a random thing off the internet I thought I’d just explain myself. I’ll be back on Monday with a (hopefully) more interesting and useful blog post…

If you’re missing your usual blogging dosage then you can check out the links below to some of my favourite bloggers (I have SO MUCH blogging envy at the moment…). p.s. – you can also find these gorgeous girls on Youtube.

Lily Pebbles

Vivianna Does Makeup

Essie Button


I’ve just linked a few of my faves but if you’d like a comprehensive list of my favourite bloggers then I’d definitely consider doing a post on that in the future.

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