What’s In My Bag? | post version

In an experiment which could either turn out as a great success or a complete fail, I’ve decided to write + photograph what’s in my bag. If you haven’t seen a what’s in my bag video before then I guess you’ll think this is a really weird post to write – so head over to youtube and check out a couple. I should probably do a disclaimer to say that there’s nothing super unique or unusual in my bag but nonetheless I’m doing this post because why the hell not? Haha.

I guess we should start with the bag. It’s from Topshop and was £38. Typically, I can’t actually find the link on the website even though I literally only bought it a couple of weeks ago. Grrrr. Anyhow you may still be able to pick it up in the shops.

Personally, I love this bag. I had my sights set on an all black bag with silver hardware in the comfort that I knew it would go with every outfit. Then, I watched a video by ‘idressmyselff’ and fell in love with the burgundy colour. Surprisingly, the bag doesn’t generally clash with much and the burgundy colour is great for the autumn. I have nothing else to say about the bag – it’s roomy and can carry all my sixth form stuff (a must), has a zip to for ease of mind (security) and has a shoulder strap (because there is NO WAY I can deal with the classic handbag).

Delving inside my bag -which I’ve been using for sixth form but has also seen other outings…occasionally- I’ve kept everything which was inside it the last time I used it – authentic, huh? Haha.

I’m not going to go into anything in detail and instead I’ll let the photos do the talking. If you’d like to see a ‘What’s in my bag video’ or any other videos I haven’t done yet, then make sure to leave a comment below and subscribe to me here – http://www.youtube.com/user/madfashionlover/






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