The constant attempt to organise my life…

Organising and re-organising my day to day life is a constant battle which never feels completely defeated. I’m talking shelf organising, desk tidying and general decluttering – all those boring tasks you know you shouldn’t leave to pile up, but somehow they do. I’m definitely an organised person but my need for ‘perfection’ and having things exactly as I envisage them makes organisation activities drag on for hours. I’ve tried to condense some tips and tricks that I use and have heard about into this blog post in order for us all to try and make sense of our cluttered lives.



My desk, although with a fairly decent organisation system, seems to constantly be a mess with piles of paperwork, books and make-up/skincare items cluttering it up. In fact, my parents are probably reading this and laughing to themselves as to why I’m giving any advice; I think we should just go with the phrase ‘do what I say and not what I do!’.

On my desk I keep pens and stationary, my laptop and blogging book, perfume and nail varnish. This makes for a fairly cramped space but my tips are as follows:
1. Keep smaller items in containers + boxes – I keep my nail varnishes in an acrylic tray and my pens in small pots to make sure everything has a place to go.
2. Dedicate other storage for books + work – keeping work books on your desk is an easy way for it to get messy quickly. Instead, I have shelves above my desk to put files and books in order to free up as much space on my desk as possible.
3. Have a notice board – having a notice board above my desk helps to remind me of things I need to do, sign or attend. It’s an easy idea and cork, magnetic and white boards can be purchased cheaply from ikea, staples and whsmiths.


I’m a big shelf lover – I’ve recently added three more small shelves in my room because they’re the perfect ‘out of your way’ storage. I have five shelves in my room in total and they’re split between two walls (two on one wall, three on the other). The shelves have different purposes with one set holding reading books and the other set holding work and school related stuff. Shelves seem pretty self explanatory but my tips are:
1. Have a system going – you should use a system which works for you – for me, that’s having my reading books organised into ones I’ve read and ones I haven’t. It saves hunting for a book for ages and gives me a goal of the books I still need to read.
2. Use magazine files + ring binders – magazine files and ring binders are my best friends in terms of organising paperwork. I label them according to A level subjects and other general paperwork including banking and technology information.


I decided to tackle just two of the numerous organising tasks in this post. If you’re interested in seeing my attempts at organising my wardrobe or beauty items then I’d be happy to share that with you in the future…just not any ‘organising the boxes under your bed’ posts anytime soon because, well, oh boy – that is and will always be a no go zone, way too messy!


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