What I loved in August| August Favourites

I love both watching and filming monthly favourites videos and seeing as I’m not going to be uploading a youtube video in a while (I’m currently experimenting with other editing softwares and want to get better at it before I publish online) I thought I’d do the same idea but in a different format – which is writing…obviously. So I’m going to take you through what I’ve been loving in the last month in terms of beauty, skincare, fashion, entertainment and other bits and bobs.

skincare and beauty
August definitely seems like the month of trial and error in terms of this category; thankfully there hasn’t been TOO many errors (nobody likes wasting money…). I’m sure I’ve previously mentioned some of these products in other posts so I’ll try not to babble on too much! The wide tooth comb has been a conversion for me as I didn’t use to brush/comb my hair very much at all (as it was often just curly) but this certainly helps maintaining the mane! Other notable hair products pictured are the mask, leave in conditioner and oil. These have all worked together in order to keep my hair as healthy and nourished as possible – I’ve certainly noticed a difference. Skincare wise I’ve been using the Nivea Sensitive Cleansing milk which has been FAB. It takes off mascara easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and unirritated (which as an eczema sufferer is extremely important…I might try and do a post on that). I also have to say thank you to my mum for letting me try her Botanics Night Cream and boy do I love it.

I’ve taken a bit of a liking (well, an extreme liking) to this outfit which was featured in my ‘Denim Shorts, 3 ways’ post (http://madfashionlover.com/2014/08/20/denim-shorts-3-ways/). I absolutely love the shorts and checked shirt and have been wearing them both together and with other pieces non-stop in August!

The entertainment section of this post seems to be packed to the brim with things I’ve been loving. I’ll start of with the two books pictured above which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed – they’re very different (in all ways – writing styles, settings and topics) and I’d definitely recommend reading them both (the second one particularly if you’re into feminism, America during the depression and overcoming prejudices).

I could not do an August faves without mentioning Estee and Aslan. Estee is a Canadian Youtuber and blogger living in London with her boyfriend Aslan. She has a beauty channel (linked below) which is very useful for any makeup novices as well as super funny. Estee and Aslan also have a vlog channel (also linked below) and they’ve been vlogging their Nordic adventures which not only looks stunning but is also very interesting to watch…ahhh I love Estee and you should definitely check her out!
Beauty Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/essiebutton
Vlog Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/essiebuttonvlogs

Okay, okay, this is the last part of the entertainment favourites. There is no way I couldn’t mention the Happy Little Pill single by Troye Sivan who is a Youtuber! I think it’s extremely surreal that he’s managed to get into the Top 5 in UK charts as well as in at least 30 other countries. I think the whole Youtube community is just very proud right now.
Happy Little Pill music video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEWHF3E9YJQ
Troye’s Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/TroyeSivan18

I’m going to end my incredibly long favourites by mentioning my trusty instax polaroid camera thingymebob which I LOVE and a gorgeous well made notebook which my parents gave to me for reaching 15,000 views on my blog back on the 1st of August…thank youuuu!

And that completes my long favourites post! I hope you enjoyed reading it – I haven’t done one of these posts before so I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Jodie xo

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