Visiting the Christian Dior Museum |c’est jolie!

Last week I went on holiday and stayed in a small town near to Granville, Normandy, France. During my holiday I became a complete and utter try-hard french person, immersing myself in the markets, constant consumption of baguettes and the gorgeous language (in which I envy those who can speak it fluently…I will get there! Haha). It would have been a crime -as a lover of fashion- to have not visited the Christian Dior museum which is located along the coast of Granville in what was Christian Dior’s family home. I absolutely loved going there and although I couldn’t actually take photographs when I was inside the museum I took full advantage of the beautiful Dior Garden’s which are free and open to the public to enjoy!


The exhibition at the Christian Dior museum truly met the extraordinary expectations of the beautiful grounds which the house was set in. This year it was called ‘Dior – The Legendary Images’. Within the building there were two hundred photographs and roughly sixty dresses and couture pieces from the House of Dior.


The Dior museum really inspired me and drew me further into realising why I love fashion. It was interesting to see the contrast in style from 1947 to the present day documented through beautiful images which have now become legendary. The exhibition gave a real insight into how much photography had played a part in creating and capturing ‘the notions of elegance, sophistication and feminitiy’ often associated with Dior Haute couture.


As I walked round the house I couldn’t help but think how crazy it was that Dior and other fashion houses have so much dominance in the industry, without a shadow of a doubt the high street pick up their ideas from the catwalks of these major designers. Although I know I’ll never own a Dior dress I still felt myself longing the gorgeous, timeless, beautiful items that were on display… ahhhh!


This photo above is the view of the sea from the Christian Dior gardens… I can’t believe he actually grew up in such a grand house – wow.


I absolutely love both fashion and photography so this exhibition was one of the best that I have seen in a long time – it was definitely worth the 4 euros to get in! I would recommend having a browse of the Dior site, in particularly looking at the creation of the ‘Dior Image’ which is still going strong to this day. The exhibition opened up my eyes to the fact that fashion is such a big part of history and can be used to help us form images of the past. What women wore in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on, show the increasing independence of women and are a really lovely way of getting a true insight into other eras.

Credit to my mum for most of the photos seen in this blog post.

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