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Y’know when you feel like you have a good picture and can’t let it go to waste? Well here it is. My holiday makeup bag consisted of rather too many lip products, 12 to be exact, which matches the 12 days I was on holiday – that’s unnecessary. I seriously do have an obsession with lip products and if you saw my ‘lipstick wishlist’ you’d think I was a mad woman. As swiftly as I can I’m going to go through each product and the excuses I told myself as I put it into my bag. Here goes.

lip products I'm loving

Models Own Lip Liner Pencil – Red
My red lipstick is a bit of a dodgy one and therefore I need a trusty lip liner to keep it on all day et voilà.

Clinque Chubby Stick – 06 woppin’ watermelon
Because it’s my new love and I’d feel like a traitor to leave it at home.

MUA – crazy in love
This was an older love for me and it’s quite worn down now *sobs*. I’m not going to lie, if space gets tight in my bag this will be the one I’ll ditch. Maybe.

The Body Shop Colour Crush – 320 berry in love
Newish discoveries from the body shop here – my fav lip products ever? No. But they do feel pretty fab on my lips so, hey, I have to take them along for the ride!

The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine – fuchsia flirt
Ahh I love this one even more than the first one. The bright pop of colour was never not going to make it into my makeup bag, like come on, this is a holiday pink. Perfect.

A red lipstick (the branding has rubbed off and I can’t remember what it was…sorry!)
Yeah, this is by no means the best red out there. But, hey, it’s a red lipstick and it’ll do… I couldn’t go on holiday without one!

Soap and Glory Cheekmate
Urm, duh, of course I was going to take this, it was the first item that I put into the bag. I’ve worn this practically everyday and it’ll be no different on holiday!

Rimmel Apocalips – 304 Eclipse
Another unnecessary lip product in the makeup bag (who actually wears a dark lip on holiday?!). Nonetheless it’s now safely in the bag because I couldn’t bear to have an occasion which I really wanted to wear it but physically couldn’t.

Barry M lip gloss
I don’t know why this went in, but it did, and I’m grateful for re-discovering a lip product which I loved and now continue to love.

The Body Shop Lip Balm – raspberry
Oh, The Body Shop. I love the brand and clearly their lip products. This was clearly a must have holiday item and an easy one to stick into a day bag.

Nivea Daily Essentials Chapstick
I didn’t need this, I probably won’t use it… but a girl’s got to have options, right?

Models Own Chapstick
I really didn’t need another chapstick, but like a 5 year old in a tantrum I winged “but I likkkkkeeee it” and it went into the bag. Oops.

So there are the lip products I took on holiday…unnecessary? Hell yes! But, hey, I just couldn’t pick…


  1. bhavi89 15th August 2014 / 8:14 pm

    Great collection of lipsticks!! Love it!! I love how you said “but a girl got to have options,right?” – very true, we can never have one of anything. We love variety even if we don’t use it!! Hehe. If you are free, would be great if you could check out my blog on x

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